Best Practices for Mobile SEO in 2014

Lately, the world has been experiencing fast, significant, and historic changes in the way people shop and the way businesses market themselves. Just a few short years ago, online businesses and marketing were an overinflated fad down-played by many businesses and marketers. Not so anymore. The last few years have seen the emergence of countless […]

Top 4 SEO Keyword Search Tools – Free Access

After doing some keyword testing with ten free online tools available on the Internet, I have determined the top free tools. The evaluation criteria were based on the selection of common keywords, such as: Cancer SEO tools Freelance writer Search engines MS office and others The results were wide and varied; returning 100 or more […]

SEO Mistakes

Search engines are an important part of advertising, and because it is so important, a number of false rumors, prejudices and obsolete secrecy are placed on them. Perhaps the most common is the good times text invisible art. It is very simple: Add text to your page, which is the same color as the background. […]

3 Smart Tips for Successful SEO Campaigning

Poor knowledge can prevent you from delivering promised results. While working on a particular project, most webmasters opt for usual SEO tactics like rewriting URLs and title tags and researching about keywords. Despite required measures however, traffic drops and the project fails. This is because, most times, newbie webmasters do not research about the target […]

Are Your SEO and SEM Strategies Smartphone Friendly?

SEO and SEM strategies have to be tweaked for mobile search. With 88 percent of U.S. adults owning a cell phone of some kind and more than half of those cell owners using their phone to go online, mobile internet marketing strategies are imperative to a company’s success. Tablet devices are adding to this growing […]

Rationale Behind Hiring SEO Experts

SEO experts are individuals/companies accouterment SEO services. SEO stands for seek engine optimization, which is a activity that targets an access in afterimage of a website or web page in the seek engine after-effects through accustomed means. This activity makes use of guidelines set advanced by seek engines such as Google and accouterments them to […]